Dive into an unforgettable summer of paddle tennis at the Isla del Fraile Paddle Club! ???


The summer season is just around the corner and we at Isla del Fraile Padel Club are excited to introduce our exclusive summer bonus offer for our seasonal customers! We know that many of you visit us only during the warmer months, and we want to make your experience at our facilities something truly special.

Our Club de Paddle Isla del Fraile is the ideal place to enjoy a summer full of emotions, competition and fun. Located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and with an exceptional climate, our club offers you a unique experience in the world of paddle tennis.


With our summer voucher, you can fully enjoy all the comforts and benefits we offer to our seasonal clients. 


This special voucher will give you access to our modern facilities during the months of July and August, guaranteeing you unlimited hours of play and fun on the paddle tennis courts.

What can you expect when you purchase our summer voucher? Let us show you some of the reasons why we are the perfect destination to enjoy paddle tennis during the hottest months of the year:


1?? Courts: Our padel courts have perfectly maintained playing surfaces. Whatever your level of play, we guarantee an exceptional experience in every match.

2?? Classes and personalized training: If you want to improve your skills or learn the fundamentals of paddle tennis, our team of professionals will be happy to provide you with personalized classes and training tailored to your needs. Take advantage of the summer to perfect your technique and strategy.

3?? Exciting tournaments and events: During the months of July and August, we will host a series of themed tournaments and events to add excitement and competition to your summer experience. Participate and compete with other enthusiastic players while enjoying the vibrant and friendly atmosphere of our club.

4?? Social and community atmosphere: At Isla del Fraile Paddle Club, we value the importance of camaraderie and fellowship. Our club prides itself on having a warm and welcoming community, where you can meet other paddle lovers and establish lasting friendships.

5?? Complementary services: In addition to our excellent paddle facilities, we offer a wide range of additional services to make your summer experience complete and enjoyable. From a bar and restaurant serving delicious dining options to lounge areas, we make sure you feel comfortable and well looked after at all times.


Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of our summer bonus offer and continue enjoying paddle tennis at Isla del Fraile Paddle Club.


To purchase our summer voucher, simply access the APP and choose the SUMMER VOUCHER option.


We want to reward your loyalty and offer you a unique experience while you have fun playing paddle under the warm summer sun.

No matter if you are an experienced player or if you are just starting in the world of paddle tennis, at Isla del Fraile Paddle Tennis Club you will find a friendly and welcoming environment where you can develop your skills and enjoy this exciting sport. Our trained staff will always be ready to provide you with support and advice to make your experience extraordinary.


And if you are looking for a place to enjoy paddle tennis in the company of your family and friends, the Isla del Fraile Paddle Tennis Club is the perfect choice.


Organize exciting matches, compete in internal tournaments or simply enjoy a friendly game with your loved ones - fun is guaranteed!

Do not miss this opportunity to live a summer full of paddle, fun and unforgettable moments at Isla del Fraile Paddle Club. Buy our summer voucher and get ready to enjoy a unique experience in a paradisiacal environment.

We are waiting for you with open arms at the Isla del Fraile Padel Club!

Book your summer voucher now and get ready to live a summer full of passion, sport and fun in our paddle courts.



  • Hours 8.00-23.00h every day of the week
  • Once a day maximum
  • From 01/07 to 31/08
  • Price per person

Don't let the summer go by without enjoying your favorite sport in the ideal place!