Paddle tennis lessons in Aguilas with certified professionals ?

Learn to play paddle tennis in Aguilas with our certified professionals. We offer paddle tennis lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced, with private paddle tennis lessons or group paddle tennis lessons. RESERVE your first PADEL CLASS now!

paddle tennis lessons in Águilas

paddle classes in águilas amateur, semi and professional

You ask yourself... Are there kinds of paddle nearby And the answer is yes. Águilas - Isla del Fraile - is your place. If you live in Lorca, Calabardina o Calarreonafor example, and you want to receive paddle lessons near LorcaIf you are looking for an ideal place to spend the afternoon or the morning, this is the place for you.

The paddle lessons in Águilas Club - Isla del Fraile that are taught at the Region of Murcia, in the town of Águilas have a very, very special trainer and coach.

READ ON AND MEET our famous paddle tennis coaches in the Region of Murcia! 

In the Paddle School of Águilas Club - Isla del Fraile - the PADEL CLASSES that are held in the paddle tennis school in Águilas Club, are personalized, in groups or by levels.

You choose what type of paddle training you want to receive. 

Oh, and what to say that the prices of paddle classes are adapted to all types of pockets.

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Personal Training and/or Competition

Personal Training and/or Competition

It doesn't matter if your paddle level is beginner, intermediate or professional, in the paddle school in Aguilas, we give you private or group lessons for all levels. Find out more about the paddle course in Águilas.

padel lessons aguilas murcia
Padel Lessons for Kids and Juniors

Padel Lessons for Kids and Juniors

The ideal sport is to play paddle girls and boys, in group or individual paddle lessons. Fun and exercise together to get energy out of the smallest of the house and have fun while learning values and sport with paddle lessons in Aguilas.

Paddle School For Adults

Paddle School For Adults

It is never too late to learn, and the paddle classes for adults offered at our paddle facilities in Aguilas, in the heart of the Costa Calida, are oriented for all ages and all levels with the best paddle teachers in Aguilas.

Paddle School

paddle tennis lessons in the region of murcia in paddle tennis isla del fraile

There are things in life that you can't think about and that you have to do if you have to. And sport is one of them. But if on top of that you do sport, in a natural and ideal environment located in the wonderful Costa Cálida, next to the Mediterranean Sea and with some elite padel teachersthen you have to run, because the places for Águilas paddle tennis lessons and the agenda of the paddle school of águilas is completed in no time!


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Águilas Club paddle tennis courses for all ages

The magic that makes the Isla del Fraile Paddle Tennis Club in Águilas, in its paddle facilities, is because it has room for all kinds of people of all ages without exception. And you are one of them. COME NOW to the BEST INDIVIDUAL or GROUP Paddle Tennis CLASSES, located in a luxury environment!

paddle lessons at home

Individual or group paddle tennis lessons in águilas at home

Do you want to paddle lessons at home? Write us or call us and we will coordinate with the paddle teachers who manage the paddle tennis school in ÁguilasWe offer paddle classes at home or at your company so you can benefit from the best paddle lessons in Aguilas. Advanced Paddle Tennis Lessons, Paddle Tennis Lessons for 4 people or Individual Lessons. You decide! 

Training Tracks

Águilas paddle tennis training courts are made with the highest quality for your comfort and safety in the game and are adapted with intelligent day or night system for you.

Flexible Programming

The schedules of the paddle classes are adapted to your needs at all times. Paddle courses are offered in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and in the evening, every day of the week, including Saturday or Sunday almost EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

4 Paddle Courts

You are a group and you want to receive paddle classes for everyone? We offer it. That you are a school or company and you want group paddle classes? We offer it. You want something else that is not written here? Tell us and we will almost FOR SURE offer it.

Professional Trainers

Professionalism and good work. Kindness and exquisite service. Experience? In abundance. The best paddle teachers there are in Águilas Club Isla del Fraile and they are available for you.

Paddle Lessons Prices

The prices of paddle there are super competitive and with the highest quality. Our paddle courts are in a luxury urbanization, the paddle trainers are a luxury, but the paddle prices are for all budgets!

Kiosk and Relax Zone

After training paddle (or before) you have at your disposal a relaxation area with a kiosk full of things that will vitaminize and mineralize you (as I said superratón!) ? for you or for your companion. We have paddle space for everyone!