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in paddle tennis our service is the most important thing

We do not commit double fault in our services. 

We may get it wrong once, but not twice. And that's why we give a 5-star service to all the people who come to our unique space. Isla del Fraile Paddle Tennis Club Águilas

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Padel Courts

Padel Courts

4 paddle tennis courts with artificial grass and glass wall, with artificial light to play in the afternoon/evening 365 days a year.

Paddle Rest Areas

Paddle Rest Areas

In the shade for before and after the game of paddle you have your rest area or social area.

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Landscaped areas

Landscaped areas

Luxury paddle tennis gardens, extremely well maintained so that the environment inspires your best paddle strokes on the courts.

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Friendly Club Tournaments

Friendly Club Tournaments

We Are More Than A Club

We Are More Than A Club

Training programs

Training programs

Our paddle facilities have 2500 m2 of space, of which 1,500 m2 are destined to the paddle courts. paddle tennis courts800 m2 to the tennis courts and the rest to create a unique and relaxed atmosphere of all Murcia (not to mention Spain!) with kiosk / bar / pica pica, bathroom and children's area. 

With modern paddle sports facilities and extremely well-kept adjacent natural spaces, you will be able to enjoy a unique setting while you play paddle tennis. 

Paddle Águilas CLUB Isla del Fraile Paddle Tennis is located in a luxury urbanization, between Águilas and Calabardina, in which the paddle courts have mountains around them, so that the wind is not an inconvenience in your paddle tennis games. 

Padel Águilas Club, where playing in a luxury environment does not have to be expensive. And we are the proof of it. We have unbeatable prices. Ask us and discover them!

And that's not all... 

Because we are a club, and we will put all our intention to be the best. paddle club We create social gatherings of padel fans, around padel and with a padel flavor. 

It is padel with a sporty aroma.

Because our customers create padel.

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