Paddle Tournaments

men's individual ranking tournament

On Sunday March 12 will be held the INDIVIDUAL RANKING Tournament, organized by the Isla del Fraile Padel Club. This tournament is special because the participants are the players of the American Demanal Thursday men, which makes it a unique opportunity for players of the community to have fun and live together.

This tournament is a perfect opportunity for players to showcase their skills and abilities in the sport, while competing in a friendly and collegial environment with other players in their community.

In addition, this tournament allows the players of the Thursday Men's Weekly Americana to continue to strengthen their weekly coexistence and to generate a sense of belonging to the group. This tournament is an opportunity to strengthen ties and get to know each other better.

In summary, the INDIVIDUAL RANKING tournament is an exciting opportunity for Isla del Fraile paddle players to have fun and compete together. It is an excellent way to strengthen the community of paddle players in the area and generate an atmosphere of fellowship and coexistence!

17 MARCH 2023

The tournament last Sunday 12th in our PADEL CLUB ISLA DEL FRAILE was a success. All participants were able to enjoy with their fellow AMERICANA DE RANKING INDIVIDUAL with a splendid day where the sun peaked much more than expected to be early March!

The winners of the tournament were:

  • First prize for Antonio David and Gabi
  • Second prize for Felipe and Fran
  • Consolation prize for Juan Pablo and Alberto

For them and for all of you who participated THANK YOU, it was a great day!